Evolve 2 Endure "Evolve" Contest Rules 

  1. Submit your "Evolve" moment in the form of video showing you overcoming and achieving your goal.
  2. Share the "Evolve" contest on any social media platform with at least 50 of your friends or followers.
  3. Provide a proof of purchase of your Evolve 2 Endure product
  4. Go to

This promotion is conducted exclusively by Evolve 2 Endure. To receive the cash money prize you must: 1) be a US resident, 18 or older and complete the registration process with your valid contact information: 2) for additional entries in the raffle the participant must share with 100 additional friends or followers on any social media platform; 3) For every 100 people you share this contest with you get an additional entry in the raffle; 4) All video submission should be sent to; 5)You can conclude your participation at anytime of the contest as long as you meet the minimum requirements to have your name submitted in the raffle; 6) Payment in a form of a check will be shipped to the postal address provided during registration; 7) Limit one winner per household per year. evolve2endure is solely responsible for cash payment and fulfillment.
By participating, you agree to the Terms & Conditions which includes mandatory arbitration and Privacy Policy which includes your consent to our sharing your personally identifiable information with our Marketing Partners for which we may be compensated